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eco-friendly-cleaning-most-commercially-produced-cleaning-products-948x1052-smalleco-friendly-cleaning-servicesFlorida Maids Cleaning Services is always flexible with your needs. Choose an eco-friendly home cleaning for an easy way to clean your home responsibly. We treat each request with extreme care to always make sure you are satisfied with your maid service. 

By offering eco-friendly cleaning services in Orlando, FL we take on the task of making sure all of our cleaning products do not harm the environment or your home (or pets!). Green cleaning services in Orlando are hard to come by. Our mission is to give you a clean that rivals all others and with our specialized eco-friendly home cleaning you will feel right at home! 

Never settle on your home cleaning service, so choose Florida Maids because we always cater to our customer.

We cater to our clients. We also offer home cleaning services for the elderly.

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