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Florida Maids Cleaning Services was formed around an ideal, a vision for the way maid services in Orlando should be.

We believe the act of having someone come into your home, your place of privacy and make your home presentable is a highly personal and intimate thing. There is nothing more precious and important than trust.

We believe everyone should be entitled to the beauty of a clean and inviting home to help ease the stresses and struggles of everyday life. We understand that often times there just isn’t enough time in the day, and that the last thing you want to do after a long day of work or play is to spend time tidying up.

This pain, this perpetual chore that is what our company is dedicating to destroying. We want you to live a stress-free life where you can come home knowing that your dishes are done, beds are made, and your house is clean.

You might be wondering why I started this company of friendly cleaners and why I have set a goal of creating best cleaning services in Orlando.

Before creating this company, I hired maids through local companies and craigslist ads, but struggled to find hard-working maids. Often times, I didn’t even know the names of the cleaners that were in my home and I could never really trust them. This simple task of finding a faithful person with whom I could place my trust in became a challenging proposition. From poor performance, unbelievably awful customer service and unreliable help I felt trapped. This simple process of alleviating stress in my life had the opposite effect. As someone who believes in great service above all else I was severely frustrated. After some thought, I took liberty into my own hands and screened my first private maid, Olga a mother of 3 from Texas.

I realized that others might be interested in having friendly, trustworthy maid service in Orlando, so I created a maid service company to help others looking for cleaners that will make their lives easier. Another goal I had was to create one of the first eco-friendly cleaning services in Orlando, FL

I knew the challenges I myself had with finding and booking quality cleaning crews I could trust and took this experience to transform the cleaning industry. After months of carefully vetting and interviewing prospective cleaning crews I had my team assembled. During this time we worked to instill our company values of integrity, customer service and killer performance for every individual who placed their trust in our agency.

We offer cleaning services that are matched by no other company.

There is a beautiful thing about forming a real results oriented, trust driven cleaning service in Orlando. Our clients, our beloved customers have been so good to us and their word of mouth referrals have truly helped us to grow the business and help more people trapped by the stresses of cleaning.

We feel a debt of gratitude to the great patrons of our company and friends we have made throughout this process. We feel the need to give back some of the success our customer focused, trust driven business has delivered us with. FLMaids.com works our hardest to support the less fortunate of Orlando and donate to local charities to help bolster the community and clean the area of want. We truly love the amazing individuals we work with and aim to help as many overwhelmed people in Orlando as possible. Sure we may not change the world, but join us on our journey and just maybe we can help change yours.


Charles Harding

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