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See what is included in our cleaning services.

We are a great maid service in Orlando. Our customers have found that our cleaning services are absolutely amazing. We are the solution to a messy home. When you select a maid service in Orlando you are selecting a company that you need to trust. 

We work hard to earn your trust every single time we clean your home or office. We do this by only hiring individuals for our maid service in Orlando. We have a rigorous hiring process and we have only selected less than two percent of applicants. Our maids understand how to clean a home quickly and efficiently because they have, in most cases, over 12 years experience working as a professional cleaner. 

The perfect stress relief is a clean home. We love helping our customers have a better day- in fact it is one of our many goals. Our specialty is to give our customers a better experience in their home. If you are moving out we are there to make your move easier with our move out cleaning service. Additionally we cater to your needs for routine and single cleans. 

Our customer support team is always passionate and always tries to make the customer have a better day. We want to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy the day how they want instead of cleaning. Florida Maids values our customers and treats every single client with respect and care. You are given a personal customer service agent to take care of your personal needs. In many instances we give you this representative’s personal, private phone number to better facilitate with your clean. This means that you can call or text your representative 24/7 about your service, and they will get back to you as soon as they see the message!

We are a maid service in Orlando, FL that really does care. We truly want each and every one of our cleans to be the best clean yet. We are always trying to improve our service and we are always trying to our customers the best. We love feedback as it helps us better serve you!

Our customized service is tailored to your needs. We attempt to always send the same teams to your home for our recurring customers and after the first clean we start to learn your home so we can clean efficiently and exactly to your specifications. Florida Maids is passionate about your home cleaning. 

There is no risk when you try Florida Maids. We back each and every clean with our 100% cleaning guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied we will come back and re-clean your home at no extra costs. We take special care in our work because we care. 

We are a small, local owned business located in Orlando, FL. By choosing Florida Maids your are supporting a maid service in Orlando that doses much much more than clean. We donate back to local charities to give back to the community. 

Make the right decision and choose Florida Maids. You can view your instant quote and book online today. 
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