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Fl Maids is the leading maid service in Orlando. Hiring someone to enter your home is no joke which is why we take it very seriously. We only hire professional maids that are verified to be hardworking individuals that will get your home as clean as possible. It is with this hard work mentality that we founded this business, and we plan on continuing it with each home and business we clean. 

The first question you should when hiring a maid service is “how are the maids hired?” This is an easy question for us to answer. We take our time to select only the best for our Orlando maid service. If you ever find yourself doubting the ethics of your maids it is time to switch cleaners. 

The second question you should ask is “What keeps the maids on track?” Another easy question for Florida Maids. During each cleaning service, we make sure to bring a checklist of your home. It reads everything that needs to be done plus more. This allows our maids to stay focused and productive. 

We know you have a lot of choices when selecting cleaning services in Orlando, but make the right choice and choose Florida Maids. 

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