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Florida Maids cleaning-services-orlandoWe always offer same day maid service as long as space if available. To book the same day, please call our office as soon as possible, so we can accommodate. Additionally book online before you call so we can quickly determine if we can service your home (Your card will not be charged until after we service your home). Our phone number is (407) 710-5580. Often times our maids are servicing another client near your home, so we can dispatch at no additional cost; however, depending on how soon you need the service we may have to charge an additional fee of $19

We cannot guarantee that we will have space today since spots fill up fast. If we do not have space today, we will definitely be able to accommodate you in the near future at a discount since we missed you the first time!

A lot of people want same day house cleaning in Orlando. Call as soon as you can to secure your slot today!

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your same day home cleaning services. 
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